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Light in the Sky

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Light in the Sky

IMG_1290Blue doors, skylight, and roof! I haven’t totally finished the roof. Luke and I didn’t have time to get the zip panels on top so next week they will go up and things will be very water tight. I’ll get a couple windows in next week too.


The meditative energy from my Reiki attunement has still been with me, especially since I do a self treatment everyday. When the energy hits strong it makes it pretty tough to keep working, sometimes I’ve just gotta stop, take a break, and close my eyes for a while. So I could have gotten more done this week, but like I said in a previous post, forcing myself to work through it ends up throwing everything out of balance.IMG_1292Warm weather coming up this week which is purrfect for camping. My current goal for the tiny house is to have it up North somewhere by the end of October, let’s see how it goes! Don’t forget to check me out on Chronicles Tiny House piece on Tuesday at 7pm!



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Finally in the flow with cutting the rafters! I got the majority of them all done yesterday and I have about 5 more to cut as well as the ones for the skylight above the loft. Next week the roof will be on for sure and I’ll never have to think about the rain again!
IMG_1278 IMG_1279IMG_1277

Had a little mishap and accidentally set the circular saw blade down on its cord and tore through it. I allllmost got upset that I would need to buy a new one, luckily I had everything I needed to fix it.. I’ve certainly had plenty of experience stripping wires and connecting them together from wiring up the trailer.

I had been unsure of which direction my tiny house will be going once its done since I applied for a job at Gould Farm in Massachusetts, and I just found out that I didn’t get the job which means the tiny house will travel up North quite soon! It’s good to have a little more direction now. That’s all for this week! I’ll be off soon for a massage and little spa time then into the woods!

PS Heres the trews!



Higher and higher

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Higher and higher

Check out the Hippo Press tomorrow! I was interviewed for a tiny house story they will feature in tomorrows issue.


My tiny house progress has been tiny this week since I had my Reiki II attunement yesterday. Today I picked up all my roof rafter supplies, my bright blue door paint, and managed to cut one somewhat properly. It’s definitely a challenge not having any experience with this but at the same time it is fun learning as I go.


“Door inspiration!”

My Reiki II attunement yesterday was incredible. My sense of clarity and wholeness has been amplified so much. I’m currently filled with some strong meditative energy. Like my first attunement I feel like something inside is calling me into meditation at certain times of the day. Its a beautiful feeling but it definitely keeps me from making more tiny house progress. Part of me wants to push the meditative feeling away but I certainly know from past experience that ends up throwing everything out of balance. So its with my natural feelings I go! The best path to take for sure. It feels really good to take things easy too, I’ve really made so much progress this summer and its time to kick back a bit.


“My knees are doing incredible! Take that western medicine! No surgery!”

IMG_1257 IMG_1260

Camping has been wonderful. The weather was great this week, no rain except one quick storm. The temperature at night is plenty comfortable too with all the blankets I’ve got. Sitting around the fire every night is amazing too. It’s fun to dialogue with nature completely on my own. As you can see in my picture I drew some designs around the fire pit, naturally I consecrated the space around the fire. My camping couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. Summer slipping into Autumn and I just finished reading a very magical book about the incredible life of Patrice Malidoma Some who is an elder of the African tribe called the Dagara. It’s definitely had a huge effect on me as everything in the past week of my life. Full Moon, Reiki II, and tonight more Shamanic Dreamwork! Let’s see what magic this next week brings.