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My Tiny Reality

A blog about reality, dreams, and the space between.

Moving Along

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It literally feels like fireworks are exploding inside of me now that the snow is gone and I’m able to finish up work on the trailer. I had to smash the massive blocks of ice sitting on the tarp with my super strength, so that was fun. The wiring is set and I will probably have a friend of Seth’s check on everything to make sure it looks right. Next week I’ll be drilling the holes that will secure the subfloor to the trailer. Hopefully Seth will be able to weld on the four steel beams I got yesterday sometime next week too. There’s a good chance I might even start making some cuts for the subfloor next week too. My awesome neighbor Jay also hooked me up with a nice window pictured below and another smaller one that will take its place in the bathroom. Every time I drive back to Dover luckily I go right through antique alley and get the chance to stop and check the stores for stained glass windows or anything else I might be able to use. I’ve got my eye out for a nice big window for the main living area and I’m sure I’ll find it soon. My guess is that I’ll be done with the subfloor by the end of the month, and next month the construction of walls begin. This project is giving me a voracious appetite for life and I am incredibly grateful for that. Pictures!

My house is very magical due to the many lanterns hanging right now, come the end of the month two epic yoga classes will take place where those who attend will receive a lantern! One blacklight class and a yin class.


Wheels are turning

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Spring is on its way! I’m currently sitting in the warmth of Balance Bethlehem, the greatest yoga studio evahh. My knees are doing a whole lot better since going to acupuncture treatments and giving myself some good rest. The snow is kind of melting here and I’m going to guess the majority of it will be gone from Dover soon. Hopefully next week enough of it will be gone for me to uncover the trailer and finish wiring it. I’m also picking up 4 pieces of steel to be welded on both sides of the wheels, then Seth can put them on! My parents neighbor Jay also has some windows I might be able to use and I’ll be checking them out next week too. It feels great to finally be making some progress again! I’m about half way done with making all my lanterns, I should have them all done by the end of the month. Then it will be time to spray paint them and have an epic backlight yoga class. On top of all this wonderful news I will also be teaching at a week long family conference this summer on Star Island, which I am very excited about. Peace!IMG_0816

Little babe all wrapped up.

Namah Shivayah

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My current view every morning.

What may be perceived as a negative experience becomes a blessing when it pushes you into the direction of new experiences you may not have had with the “negative” experience. This is an idea I have read and learned about but could not fully integrate in my system of beliefs until my current experiences with my knee injuries. I reached the pinnacle of this painful journey in the past week when I strained some muscles around my right hip causing me quite a bit of pain and to walk very very slowly.  The pain went away and my left knee started feeling way better. Then out of nowhere my right knee started swelling in a similar way to the left when it was first injured. Again I was in a lot of pain and had to walk very very slowly. The pain subsided and now both knees have similar ranges of limited motion and I’m dealing with two torn meniscus. I was planning on getting surgery on my left knee but something inside me was not ready to get drilled into and telling me to be patient and first try other ways of healing that might help. So tomorrow I have my first acupuncture session and will see how it might be able to help blood flow into my meniscus better to heal the tears. Some people might think I’m crazy for not going through with the surgery and to them I say my heart is what I follow and until it says surgery it aint happening.

The whole message of this injury has been for me to slow down. After all these recent developments I am finally listening. I’m not rushing through making my lanterns, or trying to come up with all kinds of new yoga classes, and trying to fill up all the free time I have. I’m giving myself the chance to just stop and literally do nothing, not even meditate, or do yoga. To do the things I love, to feed my heart and soul. To learn, listen, and open.

The new direction I have been pushed in is chanting along with Krishna Das on my way to and from work. This summer an intuitive healer sensed I was not expressing myself vocally in a close relationship. I wasn’t entirely sure what relationship that was until now. As crazy as it might sound to some people it is my relationship to the divine that I wasn’t vocally expressing myself in. I feel a strong and undeniable love for what yoga has brought to my life and to chant the names of Krishna and Ram I feel I am finally able to express the love and gratitude for what yoga has brought to me. If it weren’t for my knee injuries I would still be doing my asana practice and wouldn’t have been pushed to a practice of chanting, and the love I have would have been left unexpressed. This is how my injuries are a blessing. I’m no longer resisting and am now embracing. Spring is coming! Peace!