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what a long strange jam its been

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what a long strange jam its been

Spent an awesome couple days at Jerry Jam, and ended up bringing seven of my lanterns in to decorate the shade tent. The night I was there was wicked fun, lots of dancing and hanging with the mountain people. I’m off to dance some more tonight at Old Crow Medicine Show, which will also no doubt be an awesome time.

IMG_1123This up here is the blind owl band, crazy good jam Thursday night. In fact I also joined in on a crazy jam myself that night playing with some new found guitarist friends. It was an amazing feeling to let it rip on the harmonica with other instruments which I don’t get to do too often. We did a little sugar ray, johnny cash, and chuck berry. It got reeeeal energetic.


This is an awesome excerpt from a short book I read about Ritual by Patrice Malidoma Some. What the book highlighted for me was how important ritual is in creating a space for people to safely release emotions into. It really shows a strong connection between our western societies’ lack of ritual and the inability many people have in expressing their emotions. With this awareness it gives us westerners the opportunity to tap into our intuition and our own ancestral lines to create our own rituals to give ourselves and others an opportunity to strengthen our communities and clean out the cobwebs.

One more of these walls to build tomorrow, then I can start in on the roof rafters, which depending on how my work flow goes I could get done this week. I also did my budget out for the next three months and with my projected workflow this tiny house could be nearly completed by the end of October! Let’s see how it goes!



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A very productive past three days. I started it all off rope swinging at meadow lake in Northwood on my way to Dover. On Tuesday I made all the headers for the windows and door in the morning, serious work that was, I was covered in sweat after hammering away. In the afternoon I cut all the top and bottom plates, then marked the stud/rafter locations. Today I cut all the┬ástuds for the left and right walls. I also had a visit from a friend of a friend named Darlene who just attended the Tumbleweed tiny house workshop in Boston. We had lunch and talked about tiny houses. So that’s that. Next week I’ll cut everything for the bumper and tongue walls; possibly assembling them too. My apartment lease ends at the beginning of September so very soon I’ll be moving out, camping here and there and crashing at my uncles condo in Bartlett. The tiny life is starting very soon and I couldn’t be happier. I may have said this before but as awesome as all of this is it all feels so natural to me. Jerry jam is next week too! I’m only going thursday and friday but I’m super excited for that! Until next time folks. ~PEACE~


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One week and 20 yoga classes later. Beautiful weather, fireworks lighting up the coast while a lightning storm raged, seeing the most beautiful sunset of my life, teaching a backlight yoga and meditation classes, and meeting many people grateful for the gifts I have to give. Experiencing a beautiful secluded style of life in the star island tribe was absolutely wonderful. The feeling I’m left with isn’t one of jump up and down excitement. It’s one of peace and renewal. The past week has been a wonderful time in a new world, and I’m feeling very ready to continue my work in creating my world. I’m sure I’ll be seeing Star Island again. ~PEACE~